Green Saffron Spice Blends Redesign By Simon Pendry

Green Saffron, led by their Anglo-Indian food entrepreneur and chef founder Arun Kapil, are an award-winning independent Irish brand that produce stunning spice blends, sauces, rice, and chutneys made with spices sourced by their family members in India. Uniquely, their fresh spices travel from ‘source to sauce’ in just 8 weeks, and the Green Saffron pride themselves on sourcing and using absolutely the freshest spices possible.

Green Saffron
Ceacle Mockup

Green Saffron are rightfully famous for their quirky and unexpected spice blends, and everything about this redesign reflects their ethos, and the vibrant personality of chef and founder Arun Kapil himself…

The brand marque cleverly blends the ‘g’ and the ‘s’ of Green Saffron giving it uniqueness and reflecting the brand’s purpose. Vibrant colour combinations have been used to convey the taste and provenance of the spices, and a collage style made up of Victorian illustrations together with ingredient photography creates an unexpected visual language for the brand that brings a smile to the mind. These unique illustrations are leveraged off-pack, to decorate limited edition prints, tote bags, advertising and all the usual visual touch-points for the brand.

Green Saffron
Ceacle Mockup

A fun tone of voice has been developed which elevates the uniqueness of the Green Saffron blends… ‘Mesmerizing Madras’, ‘Tantalising Tikka’, and ‘Cococrazy Korma’ to name a few variants, and descriptors that tie in with the quirky illustrations ‘flavour to dive into’, and ‘flavour that really sings’ for example, all add to the personality of this exciting brand.

And finally, the brand is passionate that good home cooked food should be available to everybody and be as simple to make and understandable as possible. A clear system of ‘spice temperature’, ‘number of servings’ etc was developed on front of pack, and a simple three step recipe is supplied on the back of pack… it couldn’t be easier.

The brand has gone from strength to strength during partnership with Simon Pendry Creative, and is now stocked in Waitrose UK, Tesco Ireland, 150 SuperValus and over 100 deli’s, farm shops and independent food stores… not to mention the odd farmer’s market!

A tasty little redesign!

Source: Simon Pendry

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