High Water – Sip the high life

Hard seltzers are the cool new wave of alcoholic drinks. They’re ideal if you want something more refined than a pint of beer, but more refreshing than a vodka soda. Demand is swelling, and Midday were asked to create a new premium brand led by the concept of the water’s edge – a place of emotional significance to many. Made from sparkling spring water from the Cotswolds, triple distilled vodka and natural fruit essences, the brand is also set to donate a percentage of profits to marine charities. Alongside ambitions to be the tastiest in the category, High Water is low calorie, vegan and gluten-free, comes in fully recyclable cans, and contains no artificial ingredients.

High Water

For the brand-creation project Midday were tasked to deliver the brand strategy and identity, brand world vision and packaging design. Key objectives included raising the category bar on visual design, storytelling and taste cues.

Hard seltzers are already big in the US and growing in the UK. To catch and ride this wave, Midday needed to create a brand that would blend premium aspirations with mainstream appeal, capture the magic of the water’s edge, and promise plenty of fun. Emotional connection was currently lacking in the marketplace. So our first consideration was to create a strong brand story with a captivating manifesto, distinct brand values and a ‘contemporary lifestyle’ tone of voice. Beauty, desirability and fun were key. Everything needed to be angled at audiences who want to enjoy good times – without compromising health and wellbeing.

High Water

For those who want to drink up every last drop of life and enjoy guilt-free good times, High Water is here. Elegant and tranquil with undercurrents of opulent fun, our evocative designs set the scene. Ripples of anticipation flow across a range of art-based cans, and you can picture yourself bobbing around the coast of Cornwall or relaxing on the sands of Sicily.

For the sun risers and sun setters, High Water balances a delicious philosophy of life with a sunny personality and a clear, responsible purpose. Sparkling with charisma, the clean, refreshing identity balances good times and good health, and clearly reflects the founder’s passion for life at the water’s edge.
The results raise the bar for premium hard seltzers, tell an aspirational story and are highly shareable across social media.

‘From the first moment I spoke with the Midday guys they understood the brief, the opportunity and the direction I was looking to go, we just clicked.  The brand and pack development journey from there on was just sheer joy, with challenge, collaboration and surpassing of expectations with every meeting.  It was if they had somehow got into my mind whilst also being able open my eyes to see more than I had yet even wished for.  The end result is having others heaping praise on the design for it’s fresh, modern, premium, stylish, disruptive yet also in keeping with the category look.  I can’t recommend Midday highly enough, my only worry is that they are so successful they won’t be available for me in the future!’ Nick Britton Founder

This is High Water. Come take a sip.

Source: Midday

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