HUX – Your daily edge

From the gym-obsessed performance drivers, to the holier-than-thou nutrition evangelists, the health and wellness supplement category is crowded with all manner of brands.

Hux aims to cut through the confusion with a focussed range of scientifically backed products – not only for the iron-pumpers or the fad-food followers, but for ordinary people who just need a little helping hand with the hectic day-to-day.

How do you design a brand for those who want to take care of themselves, without all the fuss?

Positive change becomes permanent when good behaviours become habits. We created a simple design system with a sense of rhythm, expanding out from an infinity symbol at the heart of our wordmark.

We borrowed visual cues from the world of fashion – striking colours, clear space and repeating patterns are the hallmarks of a brand with style and confidence, able to fit seamlessly into your life and your home.

HUX Branding created by Derek&Eric

Source: Derek&Eric

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