Jake’s Boost Fights UK Child Hunger with Multi-Nut and Seed Blends

Jake’s Boost, a health food startup, is bringing a new twist to the nut butter category, in both flavour and ethics. Their blends of multiple nuts and seeds are taking on nut butter rivals with new flavour combinations, whilst taking action against UK child hunger.

Launched in 2015, Jake’s Boost’s collection of three multi-nut and seed butters dedicates 5 per cent of profits to UK child poverty charities, including Make Lunch. Each jar is filled with: Super Boost Butter, which has 10 different nuts and seeds; TigerBoost is a blend of Cashews, Brazils, Sunflower seeds, Tiger nuts and Coconut; Cacao Boost mixes Peanuts, Chia and Cacao nibs.

The butters are also available in snack pots to appeal to consumers on the go. A handful of air-dried fruit from Kent, including banana chips, apple and orange slices, are matched to each butter. Made on British soil, all of the products are free from added sugar, salt, palm oil and additives, with a boost of additional nutrients from the array of ingredients. The 190g jars retail at between £6.39 and £6.79 and £2.20 for a snack pot. The products are available from their online shop, at selected delis across the UK such as EAT17 Hackney and several online marketplaces, including Yumbles, Nurtured Foods, Big Barn and Tabl.

Previously in television producing and visual effects, founders Ansje Germann and Dan Pearce were bored of the nut butters available and felt that there was room for new blends that contained a wider range of nuts and seeds. They want to give back too. The mission is for Jake’s Boost to become a multi-social enterprise that offers socially conscious consumers a range of lifestyle products that support individual ethical causes.

The company is looking to expand through new investment. Their crowdfunding campaign is due to launch on social good launchpad UpEffect on 1st May to raise £10,000. The funds will be used to produce large test batches, develop more convenient and environmentally friendly packaging for the snack pots and invest in a marketing campaign.

Ansje Germann, Co-founder of Jake’s Boost, said: “Despite the huge variety of nuts and seeds out there, the nut and seed spread options are still limited in flavours. We’re excited to offer consumers new alternatives that vary in flavour, nutrients and texture – not just smooth and crunchy but something in between – without the additives, sugar and salt. We’re doing it with a conscience too. We want to take child poverty head on by creating quality-driven, desirable products that enable people to feel good by doing good.”

Source: Jake’s Boost

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