Jamie Oliver Inspires Pittsburgh To Take On Food Revolution

World-renowned chef and founder of the Food Revolution, Jamie Oliver, joined Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and leaders from the Pittsburgh community today to announce plans for Pittsburgh to embrace the Food Revolution. With One Young World – the premier global summit for young leaders in their 20s – also kicking off today in Pittsburgh, Jamie will inspire One Young World delegates and ambassadors as they work with community leaders to start a local Food Revolution. In Pittsburgh, local ambassadors will be tasked with monitoring and reporting on a number of goals for Pittsburgh to become a healthier, food-conscious city over the next year.

Recognizing that obesity levels are soaring in America, in part because today’s children are growing up overweight and malnourished from a diet of processed foods, the Food Revolution seeks to educate individuals and families about what’s in the food they’re eating and encourages them to make better choices in their everyday lives. Jamie’s ambition is to create a healthier world by prompting community leaders, businesses and schools to work together to promote food education and provide more families with access to great food. Pittsburgh is the first city to commit to a 12-month plan to kick-start a Food Revolution with six leaders stepping up to set and reach goals that will be included in an end-of-year report.

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