Kalamaki Greek Street – a Case Study


Kalamaki Greek Street is a fast-food chain, where you taste the divine Greek food while doing your human affairs. For now, there are four eateries in London, and there will be more in all major cities of the global ecumene


The Greek gods got bored in antiquity and have come to nowadays. And, of course, they chose London! After taking a look at themselves at the British Museum, gods decided to freshen up their fearsome style. Less pomposity, thunder, and rage, more moussaka, gyros, and kalamaki for their beloved mortals!

Interior design 

Kalamaki Greek Street wants the customers’ experience to be fun and engaging. The key point is to bring godlike magnificence down to earth. Thus, the stairs lead you to the heavenly domain of Zeus, Poseidon reigns in the lavatory, and the underground kingdom of Hades is in the hatch at the main entrance. A visitor becomes a part of present-day Olympus with mythological images in graffiti, column-like chairs, and lots of Greek munchies.


Yes, Kalamaki Greek Street is about delicious food and a cool atmosphere. But it also has one secret. Doing the job right, the brand wants to become a symbol of the millennial Greek culture for today’s generations. Why not? After all, Sirtaki was also invented just a few decades ago.

Source: Brandon Archibald

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