Kerrygold Introduces Dubliner Cracker Cut Cheese

KERRYGOLD CHEESEDubliner, Kerrygold‘s most popular cheese in the U.S., is now available in convenient, cracker-size slices to satisfy consumer demand for healthy, good-tasting snacking choices.  A mature cheese with elements of a fine Cheddar, nutty quality of a Swiss and the piquant bite of aged Parmesan, Dubliner is crafted in Ireland with milk from grass-fed cows raised on small family farms.  No growth hormones are used.

The Cheese Format

The new Dubliner Cracker Cut Cheese comes in a 6-ounce re-sealable parchment package, 18 slices to a package, each slice measuring 2 X 2 inches, perfect for the average cracker.  Pre-slicing provides both convenience and portion control.

Dubliner Cracker Cut Cheese can be eaten right from the package, arranged on a cheese board or used in tea sandwiches, mini-grilled cheese sandwiches, in sliders or as an impromptu nibble on a cracker with a glass of wine.  It makes an excellent workplace snack and a nutritious addition to kids’ lunchboxes. Dubliner Cracker Cut Cheese is available in supermarkets nationwide.

The Dubliner Line

Cracker Cut is the latest extension of the popular Dubliner cheese taste profile.  It joins traditional Dubliner Cheese; Reduced Fat Dubliner Cheese with one-third less fat and 30 fewer calories than the original; and Dubliner with Irish Stout, a cheese infused with the flavor of the perfect pint.

The Kerrygold Brand

All Kerrygold butter and cheeses, imported from Ireland, are made with milk from grass-fed cows; no growth hormones are used.  Kerrygold dairy products are widely sold in the U.S. in supermarkets and specialty food stores.

“Kerrygold” is the international brand of the Irish Dairy Board. The Irish Dairy Board is the marketing and selling cooperative created by Ireland’s small dairy farmer co-ops and co-op creameries to export butter and cheeses all over the world.  Cooperatives ensure the viability of Ireland’s family farms.

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