Keto-Friendly. No Guilt Bakes Launches 6-Strong On-The-Go Cakes Range In New Vibrant, Recyclable Packaging (FEB 21)

The rapid emergence of No Guilt Bakes means that the UK ketogenic movement finally has a new treat-centric hero that’s not yet another humdrum energy bar or liquid breakfast drink!  

Whilst the UK ketogenic movement has undoubtedly been a little slower out of the blocks than its US counterpart (where keto is out-performing both GF and plant-based), the category’s underlying commitment to re-evaluate outmoded eating regimes, champion healthier living, whilst rejecting needless carbs, refined sugars and lazy fillers is slowly but surely gathering followers and momentum.

Young, dynamic ketogenic brands like No Guilt Bakes are bringing some much needed extra ‘appetite appeal’ and indulgence to a food minority category historically stereotyped as functional.  In recent weeks soaring online NGB shop sales have been accompanied by new listings (Yumbles & Borough Box, plus advanced enquiries with a number of discerning food retailers). 

No Guilt Bakes

What began as a fun cottage industry hobby run by 2 best friends/cousins/ketogenic enthusiasts has quickly metamorphosed into a vibrant sugar-free treat movement which most recently saw No Guilt Bakes sign off new vibrant/recyclable share bags whilst forging a long-term alliance with Sugarwise.

According to co-founder Taeya‘Having sampled a number of underwhelming ketogenic cake offerings and noted the dearth of real choice that existed online, we knew we had to turn our hands to baking, having experienced first-hand just how hard it is to give up sugar if there were no permissible treats to quell our FOMO (fear of missing out) urges and suppressed sweet tooth tendencies.  As our business grew, we recognised that our packaging and brand identity didn’t reflect the quality of our cakes, a short-term oversight we’ve fully addressed.’

No Guilt Bakes

Latest cake data (Neilsen Dec 20) certainly reaffirms that whilst big celebration cakes are in freefall (lockdown, growth in home baking) there’s been a positive lipstick effect for tasty ‘feelgood’ time-outs that make adopting healthier living regimes more berable

If that wasn’t exciting enough No Guilt Bakes has recently has extended its ketogenic reach to encompass bread, pancake and waffle mixes.

Taeya concludes by saying, ‘Whilst we’ve nothing but admiration for traditional cake stalwarts like Kipling & Bonne Maman, their reticence to look beyond one-size-fits-all eating occasions convinced us that that it was time for someone else to fulfil that need.’

Source: No Guilt Bakes

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