KFC Opens New Casual Dining Restaurant, ‘Fried Chicken Bucket’ Not On Menu

KFC1Fast-food chain KFC’s menu has always centered around its famous fried chicken, which means that the extensive new menu of its new concept restaurant “KFC Eleven” is an unprecedented step away from tradition.

Not only is the ‘fried chicken bucket’ missing from the KFC Eleven menu—which includes items like flatbreads, salads and rice bowls—the slow-paced casual dining restaurant also features interior design that is markedly different from the regular KFC outlet.

Opened earlier this month, the one and only KFC Eleven restaurant in the world—located in Louisville—is decked out in comfortable earthy tones, and features a menu board that is clad in wood.

To top it off, the meals at this new concept outlet can be customized to be healthier, with an emphasis on freshness—the free WiFi should also encourage customers to spend more time there.

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