KitKat Posted Tweet in Response to One Direction Taking a Break

One Direction is going on hiatus beginning in March, and they apparently can’t wait.

Because this is Super-Bowl-blackout-level news, just waiting in the wings for an Oreo to own it, KitKat seized the day: Working with J. Walter Thompson, it posted a tweet that uses the 1D news to build on its longtime “Have a break” slogan:

It’s an opportunist’s wet dream: With help from a retweet by 1D’s Liam, the post generated over 60,000 retweets and 80,000 likes in less than 24 hours, not to mention a bevvy of replies from mourning fans, many of whom are begging the brand to put the customized packages from the tweet into production.

No word on whether Nestlé plans to turn this low-hanging fruit into reality, but one thing’s for sure: They hit fans where it hurt, and unlocked a super-social market that’s hankering to tide their break from One Direction over with some snap-off chocolate therapy.

In other recent efforts to penetrate the zeitgeist, KitKat tried petitioning the Unicode Consortium to create a snapping Kit-Kat emoji. Unlike Taco Bell (but just like Durex), it has so far failed—which is great news from those of us who could use a break from brand creep.

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