Label 5 Scotch Whisky Unveils An Original Web Series

Leading Scotch Whisky Brand LABEL 5, is launching on the 18th of April an amazing campaign: The WorldmiXperience. Broadcasted on Facebook, the WorldmiXperience features 5 fans of LABEL 5 in New York, taking up an incredible mission.

The 5 lucky participants (2 Australians, 1 Lebanese and 2 Belgians) are the winners of the #CATCHTHE5 contest – an Instagram contest asking to take photos of 5.

image3-originalThey will spend 5 days in New York and live 5 unforgettable experiences. Their mission? Spread the spirit of LABEL 5. To achieve it, they will have to take up 5 challenges.

All challenges are based on the brand’s DNA – convivial, open-minded, modern – and are built on the legendary number of the brand.

Here are the 5 missions: Get a maximum of High 5 at Times Square, create a flashmob in the form of 5 with the help of street dancers, learn how to make the signature cocktail “5 Senses” in 25 seconds, make a graffiti representing a 5 at 5Pointz the graffiti Mecca, and walk down the 5th avenue wearing a modern and interactive t-shirt.

The WorldmiXperience is a great opportunity for LABEL 5 to reinforce the brand original content and to celebrate the World Mix spirit.

Through watching the WorldmiXperience on Facebook our fans are invited to explore and discover the essence of LABEL 5 and to try to win great prizes with games related to different missions.

During the show, the LABEL 5 Facebook page will be regularly updated with photos, interviews and videos from the different missions.

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