Lewis Moberly Unveils Design For New Lebanese Food Brand Biladi That Appeals To Modern Foodies

Brand design agency Lewis Moberly reveals its latest identity and packaging design work for Biladi, a new Lebanese food brand that has launched in the UK. 

The brainchild of entrepreneurs, Abbas Zein and Khodor Fawaz, Biladi reflects the country’s vibrant culture and cuisine through its range of spreads and dips. 

Lewis Moberly were tasked with creating an identity that disrupted a crowded, confusing category and appealed to modern foodies. 

Established brands have lost distinctiveness as ranges extended, whilst some ‘ethnic’ brands have relied on cliché and stereotypes to communicate authenticity. An opportunity was presented to create a different brand that could popularise Lebanese cuisine and prime it to become a leader in the category.

“Our challenge was to get cut through on-shelf. The Lebanese lifestyle is healthy and the meal occasions sociable. We drew inspiration from this, alongside the bold flavour experiences and fresh ingredients of the cuisine to celebrate the products’ authenticity,” commented Alessandra Desfoux, Lewis Moberly.  

The name Biladi itself is Arabic for ‘my country’. Taking cues from the founders’ home city, Jwaya, which translates as ‘residence of happiness and beauty’ – the team worked closely with the entrepreneurs to develop a contemporary design that celebrated the brand’s provenance, convivial culture and reflected the vibrant aesthetics of the Middle East. 

The distinctive logo captures both the modernity and authenticity of the brand, while its vertical orientation serves as the primary disruptor amid a sea of sameness. Paired with the  strapline ‘deliciously lebanese’, it proudly signals Biladi’s core belief in the importance of a healthy, tasty diet and the joys of a more Lebanese way of life.

Traditional Lebanese patterns were reinterpreted to distinguish between sweet and savoury products, while the vibrant two-toned palette brings a jewel-like quality to the range.

“Lebanese food is becoming popular, but with Biladi we aim to democratise it. In our culture, families bond over food. We wanted to capture this joy of sharing, as well as elicit culinary curiosity and excitement with this authentic product. In our partnership with Lewis Moberly, we have created a brand identity that pays homage to provenance. With this bright, fresh and modern design, we are presenting Biladi as the gateway to a new world of Middle Eastern flavour” commented Abbas Zein, Biladi

The Biladi range comprises six sweet and savoury spreads and dips.

Source: Lewis Moberly

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