Lost At Sea sees Pencil Studio winning with Retribution Distilling

Feature: Winner of a SILVER FAB Award for Packaging Design at The 22nd FAB Awards. Project by Pencil Studio. We caught up with Luke Manning, Founder & Creative Director at Pencil Studio.

Retribution are a small start-up distillery.

A project born from boredom lost at sea for weeks at a time and a passion for botanicals and the art of distilling great spirits.

After spending years at sea working in the oil industry as a Senior Surveyor/Chief Navigator founder Richard Lock was after a career change, so he decided to fuel his passion for distilling.

At sea, time takes on a different meaning. Minutes can blend into hours. Hours slip into days. Days out in the vast, sweeping expanse. They say creativity comes from boredom. In order to pass the time and prevent boredom, sailors perfected the art of making tiny model sailing ships and putting them into bottles.

So like those sailors past using his many hours at sea Richard distilled all his knowledge and passion for the wild sea into his unruly spirits. And just like the sailors of past, we put a ship on the back label so that it’s seen as being inside the bottle.

As spirits packaging becomes more and more of a piece of furniture in the owners house to display, this particular piece is displayed on its side just as the ships in bottles were, generating intrigue and taking pride of place on a mantelpiece or drinks trolley.

“After meeting with Richard, the owner of Retribution. It was clear this brand was born from a passion of distilling, but of a boredom in his current career too. Richard worked on ships, sometimes away for months at a time, away from family and friends.

While away Richard used his time to plan this change and start the distillery I wanted to somehow get this narrative into the brand and packaging. Sailors historically made tiny ships in bottles to pass their time spent at sea, like Richard they did this to pass time and delay boredom. So this became a great way to develop a brand for Retribution. Also sailors are synonymous with drinking spirits so the two fell into place really nicely.” – Luke Manning, Founder/ Creative Director at Pencil Studio


Design Agency: Pencil Studio

Creative Director – Luke Manning
Illustrator – Alan Levett

Feature: Winner of a SILVER FAB Award for Packaging Design at The 22nd FAB Awards

Source: FAB News

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