Love Coffee And Beer? The ‘Coffee Beer’ Is For You


As part of a charity project to raise funds for disaster relief efforts for the devastating 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Anchor Coffee and sake and beer brewery, Sekinoichi, collaborated to create the ‘Coffee Beer’, a beer with a rich, deep taste, due to the coffee beans added during the brewing process.

The two companies, both from the devastated region in northern Japan, invited design company Nendo to develop a distinct packaging design for the product.

Nendo decided to continue using existing bottles, to keep costs low. They created a distinct design that maintained brand identity by applying small coffee bean-shaped labels by hand, giving each bottle a unique pattern.

Nendo said, “Large beer breweries who produce standard products on a mass scale simply can’t offer products like this one, and that’s the point: we wanted the packaging to convey the makers’ thoughts and feelings with each bottle”.

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