Lucky Generals and Goodstuff create cheeky responsive campaign as the nation’s collective mind is blown by Yorkshire Tea’s new Toast & Jam blend

Last week Yorkshire Tea announced the launch of its latest brew, Toast & Jam – a black tea that tastes like jam on toast. And the internet lost its mind in good-natured disbelief.  

  • @NickWoodley – “What fresh hell is this?”
  • @curiousiguana – “It’s 2020 and nothing makes sense anymore.”
  • @mole_9 – “Good god, people. Why?”
  • @PlntBasedVulcan – “Please, 2020 has been a lot already” 

To capitalise on the interest in its own inimitable and ‘proper’ way, Yorkshire Tea is embracing the furore by using the social posts as the basis for a radio campaign where a woman with a Yorkshire accent reads out the posts, ranging from “Have you lost your minds?” to the very Yorkshire “Thas bang wrong, sitha, sounds like a right load of tripe”. 

They were also supported by Digital Out Of Home sites across the country showing more of the social comments. More content is expected next week. 

Packed in an unmissable jammy pink box, the new product joins Yorkshire Tea’s family of speciality brews which include cosy decaf blend, Bedtime Brew, and malty bestseller, Biscuit Brew. It is available in Asda, but look out for it in other supermarkets later in the year too.


Brand: Yorkshire Tea

Creative Agency: Lucky Generals 

Media Agency: Goodstuff Communications

Source: Lucky Generals

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