Mars Drinks Brings “A Barista” To The Workplace

Mars Drinks, a business unit of Mars, Incorporated, announced the introduction of the design driven Flavia Barista, a cutting-edge brewer with authentic espresso capability for the workplace.

249387422Available this fall in North America, the Flavia Barista delivers the widest selection of authentically crafted coffeehouse-style hot beverages available now in the workplace. A game-changer for the market, the brewer features the required high pressure of up to 15-BARs to offer real, full-bodied, Italian espressos with thick, rich “crema” in 30-40 seconds. It also offers cappuccinos, lattes, teas, coffees and hot chocolates

To build on its authentic espresso capability, Mars Drinks has teamed with premier global coffee brand Segafredo Zanetti and Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group to feature three Segafredo Zanetti espresso blends with Mars Drinks’ Flavia Barista brewer internationally.

The Flavia Barista brewer is part of Mars Drinks’ continuing commitment to provide innovative technologies and products for workplaces by making the booming global espresso experience accessible to associates right in their workplaces.

“The right beverage experience is a catalyst for the kinds of moments that transform workplace culture. At Mars Drinks, we create great tasting moments that encourage collaboration and ideation in the workplace, and we are now excited to extend that proposition to include Segafredo Zanetti espresso through our new Flavia Barista brewer,” said Xavier Unkovic, global president, Mars Drinks.

The visually stunning brewer was styled for the modern office as an inspiring centerpiece inviting senior managers and interns alike to communicate, collaborate and share opinions, suggestions and ideas while enjoying a premium coffeehouse-style beverage.

“This business relationship represents the perfect opportunity to bring together two companies focused on delivering an authentic espresso experience to workplaces,” said Massimo Zanetti, Chairman, Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group.

More than 50 million cups of Segafredo Zanetti coffee beverages are consumed worldwide every day.

The word barista, Italian for “bartender,” denotes coffeehouse expertise around an espresso machine. With the push of a button, the Flavia Barista brewer acts as the centerpiece of the workplace, creating hubs of social and collaborative conversation.

“We are focused on impeccable quality from coffee plantations to cup, and the partnership is a powerful way to bring the culture surrounding our expertly crafted espresso coffees to the international workplace,” said John Boyle, chief operating officer, Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA.

Mars Drinks pioneered the single-serve hot drinks category, introducing Flavia brewers, the first system for making hot drinks using fresh ground coffee and leaf teas sealed in individual servings. Through its Flavia brewers, Alterra Coffee Roasters coffees, The Bright Tea Co. teas, and Dove/Galaxy Hot Chocolate, Mars Drinks creates billions of great tasting moments at work! The company continues to build on its strong history of innovation through partnerships with companies that share its vision and values for elevating the beverage experience.

“At Mars Drinks, our goal is to bring associates together to do great work through the shared experience of a quality cup of coffee. Our partnership with an authentic globally-recognized espresso brand for our newest premium brewer is a sign of our continuing commitment to delight our customers in executive suites and break rooms alike,” said Bobby Chacko, global chief marketing officer, Mars Drinks.

Mars Drinks’ Flavia Barista will be available this fall with three Segafredo Zanetti SKUs: Extra Strong, Mild, and Cafesenza (decaffeinated) espresso freshpacks, exclusively for use with the premium brewing machine.

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