Martinelli’s Releases Arizona State Commemorative Label Sparkling Cider

Martinelli's_ASUS. Martinelli & Company (Martinelli’s) just announced the release of its new, Arizona State University co-branded Sparkling Cider, for sale at Bashas’ grocery stores through December.

Martinelli’s displays Sun Devil Pride and Tradition

The Arizona State community can show their support with non-alcoholic, ASU commemorative label Sparkling Cider for festive and safe parties and holiday celebrations both on and off campus. The label features the ASU logo and Sun Devil Pitchfork, along with Martinelli’s brand trademark. Martinelli’s 25.4-oz ASU Sparkling Cider is a special, limited release item sold in six-bottle shrink-wrapped cases, and is only available while supplies last.

S Martinelli and  Company Arizona State Sparkling Cider“Our new Arizona State Sparkling Cider is our first collegiate product and we are proud to partner with ASU to turn every celebration this season into a time to cheer on the Sun Devils,” says John Martinelli, fourth-generation President of S. Martinelli & Company.

The festive alternative

In traditional champagne-style bottles, Martinelli’s has long been the festive, non-alcoholic alternative, and pairs exceptionally well with all kinds of food, including cheese plates, ham, turkey and other fowl, and most vegetarian dishes. Whether for a casual tailgate party or a sumptuous holiday dinner, every Sun Devil fan, young and old, can enjoy Martinelli’s Arizona State Sparkling Cider.

Martinelli’s uses only the finest varieties of U.S.-grown fresh apples, with no added sweeteners or preservatives, and pasteurized for purity.

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