McDonald’s Invites Employees to Create ‘Secret Secret Menu’

McDonald’s Canada, known for its transparency on how its beef patties, french fries, chicken nuggets and burger ads are made, is making no effort to conceal its latest contest especially for employees— ‘The Secret Secret Menu Challenge’.

Unlike McDonald’s UK’s online competition that invited fans to create their dream burgers to be sold in stores, this fun competition allows McDonald’s Canada employees to submit their own burger or wrap recipes using the brand’s ingredients for a chance to win US$10,000 and other prizes.

1-mcdonalds-canada-secret-menu-challengeThe idea was conceived with help from agency Cossette and the Ontario Regional McDonald’s marketing team.

Through the website, the public were able to view and vote for the best recipes. The preliminary judging round has closed and eight semifinalists will soon be invited to the McDonald’s Canada headquarters to perfect their recipes with the brand’s chefs.

Unfortunately, the top dish will not be added to the menu—which makes one question the purpose of developing all these recipes in the first place—unless McDonald’s Canada is being cheeky and plans to spring a surprise toward the end of the contest.

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