McDonald’s France Updates its Famously Minimalist Ads with Emojis

McDonald’s France has unveiled a slew of outdoor print ads featuring four of its classic menu items made up of tiny emojis.

An update to last year’s display of pictograms, advertising agency TBWA\Paris one upped these print ads to reflect the happy feelings that are evoked from the different food items—hundreds of thumbs up emojis form the Big Mac; smiley face emojis form the fries; musical note emojis form the sundae; and heart emojis form the Happy Meal.

McDonald’s also partners French fashion retailer Colette in launching an exclusive product line of T-shirts, scarves, tote bags, iPhone cases, notebooks and postcards.

Featuring the four signature fast food items, this limited collection will be available throughout May at Colette.

Check out some pictures from the campaign below.

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