Meat Stick Madness in DDB California’s Campaign for Slim Jim

DDB California has launched their newest campaign for meat sticks brand Slim Jim, part of ConAgra Foods.

The brand is bringing back the old and well-loved tagline “Snap Into a Slim Jim” but with a new twist by form-fitting it into each spot.

By reviving the old tagline, the campaign is harkening back to the days of meat sticks and Macho Man. Despite efforts to introduce a new tagline over the past few years, consumers always seem to recall “Snap” at an incredibly high rate. Slim Jim and Snap are inextricably linked, so the brand decided it was time to embrace it with a modern twist.

The 30 second spot tells the story of a group of friends amplifying a good day into a great day, thanks to their Slim Jim meat sticks in hand. From driveway sports to picking up chicks to partying on a pontoon boat with a pontoon goat, Slim Jim is there to spice things up at every turn. The spot has a uniquely humorous point of view and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it feel.

To complement storytelling in the 30 second spots, DDB California created a series of 15 second spots that feature the most potent competitive advertising humanly possible. The 15 second spots give a thumbs-up to Slim Jims and a thumbs-down to the competition with fast-paced visuals and an exaggerated sense of humor. Their sole purpose is to show viewers that Slim Jim is the only choice, and if you choose otherwise, well, that’s lame.

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