Milli Vanilli Singer Explains How to Keep it Real in KFC Ad

Fab Morvan, who was one half of disgraced German pop band Milli Vanilli, features in a documentary-style ad for KFC.

The spot, created by Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam, sees Morvan in his new home of the Netherlands working on his real voice.

Milli Vanilli had to return their Grammy award in 1990 after Morvan and his partner Rob Pilatus were caught lip-synching their hits. They were labelled the biggest music scam in years which ended their careers. Pilatus committed suicide in 1998 and was not mentioned in the ad.

In the ad Morvan says: “Here I’m really happy. A quarter century ago, the bomb burst. Now I have a normal, real life. And it feels great. Being your real self is the essence of existence. I can tell.”

kfc-milli-vanilli-862x354Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam has also created 35- and 60-second TV ads for KFC’s value product range, “Real Deals”. The spots are currently being aired in the Netherlands and online.

The ad was produced by Pink Rabbit, directed by Ismael and produced by Jony van Hees. It was created by Darre van Dijk, André Dammers, Tolga Bueyuekdoganay, Ross Fowler, Peter van Kuijk at Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam.

Alexandra Huizer, the senior brand manager of KFC Netherlands, said: “The collaboration between Fab and KFC is completely in line with KFC’s ‘What’s real and what isn’t’ campaign that was launched in The Netherlands in 2015. By associating the emotional territory of ‘being real’ to the benefits of KFC products, KFC wants to trigger people to ‘choose real’.”

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