Missouri Creates New Brand World For Beefeater, The Spirit Of London

Missouri Creative, the London based design and creative agency, has redesigned the ‘brand world’ for Pernod Ricard owned brand, Beefeater, to target a new generation of gin drinkers “Urban Explorers”.

At the beginning of their partnership two years ago, Missouri knew for the redesign to work they would need to create something that would evolve in the coming years. The brand guidelines would need to align with the brand’s new packaging across its London Dry and flavours range, as well as its new ‘Spirit of London’communications platform, to bring consistency to all consumer touchpoints. 

The original brief was to harness 200 years of distilling heritage in the heart of London, into a more relevant and modern way for the Beefeater target, the Urban Explorers. Missouri achieved this by carrying out extensive research into how the world saw London. As a result, they established a new creative platform that embodied the past and future of the brand and captured the spirit of London – ‘A City of Contrasts’.

With the first ‘brand world’ so well received by the markets globally, when it came to the pack restage in February 2021 retaining its depth and impact was priority whilst seamlessly intergrating in new elements. 

Keeping our original inspiration of ‘The London brick’ as a fundamental part of the new pack designs and merchandise, we further developed the creative with new illustrations and a new typeface to bring the different elements to life in a more dynamic way below the line. 

Since creating the brand world for the flagship London Dry Gin, Pink Strawberry and Blood Orange, the new identity has been rolled out to NPDs including the newly launched in the UK, Peach and Raspberry. 

“The new brand world has been really well received by so many of our markets and has given them the inspiration to bring the new brand direction to life, across the globe. The work Missouri have created is exciting and truly embodies our urban heritage and premium credentials, allowing us to engage with our Urban Explorer consumers.” – Murielle Dessenis, Global Brand Director Beefeater Gin.

“Throughout the journey of re-creating the Brand World for Beefeater we have been able to creatively translate what London means in the 21st Century, whilst still showcasing the depth of the city’s heritage, allowing us to really define Beefeater as THE London Gin.” – Stuart Wood, Co-Founder of Missouri

Source: Missouri Creative

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