Mother & UNIT9 Wish Upon a Star with New Stella Artois Installation

stella_art_ars_15This holiday season Stella Artois wanted to give city-dwellers a taste of something they don’t get too experience too often — the wonder of a starry sky.

Together with lead agency Mother London, and production company UNIT9, Stella Artois (whose name is derived from the Christmas star) has brought to life a pop-up installation that opened in New York this past week and is set to hit Buenos Aires next week inviting people to experience and interact with a seemingly infinite night’s sky like never before.

ny_10_copyThe installation was crafted using over 500 kinetic LED bulbs arranged in clusters, with motion triggered lights placed throughout the starscape and a built-in audio reactive element mimicking the actual range of sound that stars make (yes, stars make noise – just ask NASA, who consulted on this element of the project).

As guests walk along a mirrored floor toward the centre of the installation the ‘stars’ become more dense and select lights gravitate toward the person, making them the centre of the star’s orbit, and directing them toward the brightest stars in the installation. As guests reach up to those stars their light drifts towards them, and built in cameras snap a photo which can then be retrieved at the end of the experience and shared on social media with tag @StellaArtois #GiveBeautifully.


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