Natalie’s Teams with the Pink Fund for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

14543798_1289788681032635_5721806967701263893_oFor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women-owned, Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company has teamed up with The Pink Fund, a non-profit that provides up to 90 days of non-medical financial aid to cover basic cost of living expenses. During the month of October, Natalie’s will be donating 40 percent of their clean label, squeezed fresh Orange Beet juice sales to the Pink Fund. The juice will also feature pink labels with an inspirational quote from a Breast Cancer Survivor, meant to uplift and inspire women nationwide.

cugf28lxgaaaygbAbout 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop breast cancer over the course of her lifetime – and according to the Medical Journal of Medicine, studies have shown that nearly 50 percent of bankruptcies are due to medical expenses. This campaign seeks to raise awareness of breast cancer and the struggles that breast cancer patients face every day that go beyond the cancer itself. In some cases, the financial burden of the diagnosis is so great that patients will actually decline treatment.

“Everyone is aware of breast cancer,” says Molly MacDonald, breast cancer survivor, founder and CEO of The Pink Fund. “What they aren’t aware of is the side effect of financial toxicity. While fighting for their lives, many breast cancer patients in active treatment lose their livelihoods. Some may even stop treatment and return to work in order to pay basic bills. We are so honoured to have Natalie’s as a partner to support our mission and thankful for their contribution to help patients in need.”

orange_beet_16oz_breast_cancerNatalie’s and The Pink Fund specifically chose Orange Beet juice because of the said medicinal benefits of the vegetable. The rich red colour of beets come from betacyanins, which are natural compounds that are powerful cancer-fighting agents. The two organizations hope to raise awareness of both the nutritional and financial support available to breast cancer patients.

“As a women owned, family operated business, Natalie’s has always focused on the wellbeing of mothers and their families,” says Natalie’s Founder and CEO, Marygrace Sexton. “We love The Pink Fund and our partnership goals with them are two-fold; we want to support The Pink Fund’s mission of offering relief to financially crippled families fighting cancer and we want to introduce people to the powerful, cancer fighting health benefits of drinking red juices like our Orange Beet Juice.”

The Orange Beet juice will also serve as the main ingredient in The Pink Fund’s annual, nationwide event’s, Dancing With The Survivors, signature cocktail, named “The Pink Drink.”

pink-fund-labelsEach year, Dancing With The Survivors events raise much needed funding for families in need while spotlighting breast cancer survivors in communities nationwide. Breast cancer survivors team up with Fred Astaire Dance Studio professionals to perfect a ballroom-style routine that they perform before family and friends at the events.

To help support The Pink Fund, Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company will be donating its Orange Beet juice and cocktail recipes developed with Pink Fund partner, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, to be showcased at the fundraisers. Event locations include: Denver, Detroit, Houston, New Jersey and Chicago.

Source: Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company

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