NESCAFÉ Stay Close From far

To celebrate how we #StayCloseFromFar, Publicis transformed @nescafearabia Instagram grid into a building, made up of different balconies showcasing stories of connections.

For a Brand that celebrates human connections it was frustrating for Nescafe to see how everyone everywhere was calling for social distancing. 

Publicis Dubai took this as an opportunity to celebrate the fact that we are not socially distant at all, on the contrary, we are more socially connected than ever yet only physically distant. 

So they transformed @Nescafearabia Instagram grid into a building made up of different balconies where each person shares their story of connections. Then called for UGC asking people to submit their stories.

Each story will then be celebrated by its own illustration and added to the ever-growing building.


Rana Najjar – Executive Creative Director

Jaison Samuel ben – Creative Director

Marco de Albuquerque – Senior Art director 

Ritu poojari – illustrator and Multi media Designer

Jessica VanDerBerg – English copywriter 

Source: Publicis

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