Nescafe’s New Coffee Jar has a 3D-Printed Lid that Doubles as an Alarm Clock

In a world that is currently obsessed with craft coffee, instant coffee is probably not the coolest thing to be drinking right now. To breathe new life into its signature product, Nescafé has created the “Alarm Cap”—a 3D-printed coffee jar lid that doubles as an alarm clock.

Made in partnership with creative agency Publicis Mexico and NOTCOT’s creative studio NOTLabs, this innovative, limited edition device runs on a custom Arduino-based platform and is assembled in California.

Featuring seven different sounds that are designed to wake sleepers gently, the lid also gives off a light pulse when the alarm goes off. To switch off the alarm, the user would have to unscrew the cap, an act that would also encourage him to make his first cup of coffee for the day.

Head over to Coolhunting for behind-the-scenes images and to find out more about this high-tech coffee jar lid.

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