New Brand Environment for Caviar House & Prunier

Caviar House & Prunier has just launched their new experience counter and boutique retail store at Heathrow Terminal 4 airside. Caulder Moore designed the new concept which brings the premium international brand’s unique expertise in producing the best Prunier caviar and Balik salmon globally, with a revitalised, modern aesthetic.

Caulder Moore designed the 360-degree island food display that ensures customers can see the seductive food presentation from all angles in what is a busy, transient travel hub. More informal, social seating has also been introduced to the experience counter to make it more accessible.

Lighting has been carefully considered to create a strong visual brand presence balanced with a feeling of intimacy at the counter. High-level lighting and signage represents and artistic interpretation the brand’s iconic caviar tin. Introducing the chef’s table creates theatre around the food preparation.

The retail experience was inspired by the luxury foodhall aesthetic, traditional with a contemporary twist with elegant signage to lure and enchant.

The challenge for Caulder Moore was to build from their existing aesthetic yet create a memorable, recognizable and multi-sensory immersive experience.

The new concept will also be launching in Terminal 3 in the next few weeks.

“The new material palette reinforces a feeling of elevated, contemporary freshness, together with inspirations from the much-loved Prunier restaurant in Paris.” – Daniela So – Designer Caulder Moore.

“Caulder Moore definitely had their finger on the pulse of the latest thinking and trends in luxury hospitality, as well as truly understanding the essence of our brand, the success of which has already been evidenced in double digit sales increases since launch” – Suhail Rebeiz, Caviar House & Prunier UK

Source: Caulder Moore

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