New Coffee Company Offers Premium Alternative To Nespresso Capsules

HILINE COFFEE COMPANY CAPSULESTo meet overwhelming customer demand, HiLine Coffee Company has launched seven new espresso blends that capture the richness and diversity of New York’s coffee culture in convenient Nespresso compatible capsules.

Named after New York City neighborhoods that host some of the best cafes in the world, HiLine Coffee’s new blends provide a range of intensity to suit any coffee drinker. For those who prefer the intense, darker roasts, the Liberty, Wall Street, or Times Square Dark Roasts aim to provide the experience of well-roasted beans.

Brooklyn Medium Brown Roast provides dense but balanced personality, while the Chelsea Light Brown Roast claims a full body and has a softly rounded character with an occasional spark of light acidity. The Central Park and United Nations Decaf blends offer rich, mellow flavors without a kick.

Partnering with several specialty roasters and with guidance from coffee industry expert Andrew Hetzel, HiLine Coffee continues to develop some of the finest coffee blends for Nespresso machines.

Specialty has remained the fastest growing category of coffee consumption for over a decade,” said Hetzel, an independent coffee quality consultant and board member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. “HiLine Coffee is aiming to bring specialty coffees, those coffees with taste characteristics unique to their microclimate of origin that are free of defects, to the popular Nespresso platform, which is an approach that discerning coffee consumers can applaud.”

Since launching on July 4th, HiLine Coffee entered the coffee scene by welcoming consumers to declare “Independence from Nespresso” and try their premium Nespresso compatible coffee capsules at a 20 percent cost savings. There was such a tremendous response that HiLine Coffee sold out of nearly the entire product line within one month.

With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, HiLine Coffee offers customers a full refund if they are dissatisfied for any reason.

HiLine Coffee retails for $4.99 per box of 10 capsules and is available for purchase exclusively here.

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