Nirvana Boosts Lager Line-Up For Spring

Fast-growing No/Low Brewery Adds Two New Styles

Nirvana Brewery, the UK’s original and fast-growing specialist in no/low beers, has launched two new refreshing brews to boost its line-up of lagers: a traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen (wheat beer – 0.3% ABV) and a cloudy lemon lager (0.2% ABV).

The duo represent a significant foray by the brewery into the most popular beer style in the UK, joining its award-winning Helles lager.

Each is available exclusively in 500ml bottles, presenting both stockists and drinkers with an appealing format and distinctive choices of no/low lagers for the upcoming spring/summer drinking season.

With both Euro 2024 and the Olympics on the horizon, Nirvana believes the newcomers will further broaden no and low lager’s impact on the market.

The Cloudy Lemon Lager draws inspiration from the ‘radler’ beer tradition in southern Germany – mixing Nirvana’s Helles lager 50:50 with sparkling natural lemonade, resulting in a light refreshing beer that has delicious tart undertones. It recently won the highest accolade possible in Drinks Business’ Spring Tasting – the rarely awarded ‘Masters’ (for beers scoring 96/100 and above).

The Bavarian Hefeweizen is a naturally cloudy wheat beer that pays homage to one of Germany’s most revered brewing styles. Its high percentage of wheat yeast lends it a sweet and soft taste with hints of banana, cloves and spice.

Becky Kean, founder and brand ambassador, said:

“We pride ourselves on having a great range of no and low brews – ones that are genuinely accessible and that cater for the bulk of beer drinkers, as opposed to ones that are niche and challenging. Consequently, this pair builds on that approach and gives no/low drinkers more choice in the country’s biggest-selling style – light, super-refreshing lagers perfect for the warmer months.”

Nirvana Cloudy Lemon Lager (0.2% ABV) and Traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen (0.3% ABV), 500ml, RRP: £4.00 ea.

Source: Nirvana Brewery

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