No Surprise Here: Pizza Is America’s #1 Late Night Pick

seamless-ipad-655-1Late night munchies are a staple in the hearts (and stomachs) of many Americans, whether due to all night study sessions, late nights on the town, or just a midnight craving for something savory.

No matter the reason or their location, hungry people turn to Seamless, the leading mobile and online service for ordering delivery and takeout food from more than 12,000 top restaurants in the U.S. and UK, so they can satisfy their hunger with a few clicks between 10 PM and 6 AM without having to call a restaurant.

Today, Seamless released a list of the top five late night ordering cities:

1. Chicago: Windy City residents place a whopping 14 percent of their orders during the wee hours of the morning, with pizza being the cuisine of choice followed by Chinese food.

2. New York and San Francisco: Late night eaters in these markets are tied for second place. While pizza is the most popular in both cities, diner food is New Yorkers’ second pick, while San Franciscans turn to Thai.

Supreme_pizza3. Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles: Our nation’s capitol ties for third with LA, with 10 percent of all orders taking place late at night. Angelinos are the most adventurous eaters, with Thai being the most popular cuisine followed by Chinese, while diners in the District prefer pizza and Chinese.

“Seamless delivers people food where they want, when they want it, and late night orders are no exception,” said Jonathan Zabusky, CEO of Seamless.

“Our mobile apps open a world of possibilities for late night orders, allowing people to place an order when they leave a bar and meet their food when they walk in the door, or not disturb fellow studiers in the library. We’re making hungry people happy, no matter what time of day it is!”

If you are planning a wild or mild night on the town, here are a few tips on staying healthy from Robyn Youkilis, Board Certified chinesefoodHealth and Cooking Coach and Seamless Nutrition consultant:

  • Make good choices before going out: Ordering something substantial, but not too heavy is key. Try grilled proteins with veggies, a veggie burger with a side salad, baked falafel, pressed veggie sandwich on whole grain bread or quinoa salad. You can search for these items specifically on or the mobile apps.
  • When you get home, skip the pizza and order Mediterranean: Hummus is a great late night option as tahini is rich in amino acids which will help you wake up on the right side of the bed. Choose “Greek” or “Mediterranean” from Seamless’ over 80 different cuisines types.
  • Beat the next day blues by packing in the nutrients without ever having to leave your home: Bananas are your best bet — select your favorite Seamless smoothie shop and go for one with extra banana. Order coconut water on the side, and it will have you feeling like yourself in no time. Many healthy restaurants and juice bars have young Thai coconuts on hand, so just order the water and in your special instructions, request they give you the shell with the soft meat inside.

“Ordering foods with specific nutrients can help you feel better and stay healthy,” said Youkilis. “Seamless’ search option makes it easy to find certain dishes so you don’t have to leave home to eat well and nourish your body. If you can’t resist ordering the late night pizza, get it with extra veggies.”

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