Nomadic Dairy Goes Vitamin D Positive For Yogurt

New Yogurt+ Range Addresses The ‘D-Deficit’

Nomadic Dairy is introducing Yogurt+, a range of twenty yogurts and yogurt drinks across four formats that are boosted with 100% of an adult’s vitamin D.   

Nomadic Dairy

Designed to counter what Nomadic calls the ‘D-Deficit’ – the shortfall of Vitamin D in most Briton’s diets – the yogurts are also high in protein, with the naturally healthy qualities of yogurt further boosted by 14 gut-friendly cultures. 

As part of the development of the range and to properly address what people need to support their immune systems, Nomadic consulted with high-profile Registered Nutritionist Amanda Ursell. She commented: 

“Even if we eat a brilliantly healthy, balanced diet, there are some nutrients which we just can’t seem to get enough of. In the case of vitamin D, it’s recommended that we top up with 10 micrograms every day, so foods that are fortified with it can play an important role.”  

With immunity understandably having greater overall public focus, immune-supporting foods are forecast to grow by 39% in 2021 (source: ReportLinker, July 2020) – with 42% of consumers now proactively looking for products that can improve their health and immunity.

To keep the Yogurt+ messaging clear and transparent for consumers, Nomadic also worked with behavioural scientists at Ogilvy Consulting to ensure simple, stand-out, on-pack messaging. This includes ‘power ratings’ to quickly project the yogurt’s core benefits. Nomadic has also meticulously avoided what it terms health ‘over-claims’, especially given media commentary alleging the immune system can be ‘boosted’. 

Bethan Miles, Brand Manager at Nomadic Dairy, said: “No product can ‘boost’ the immune system. What they can do, however – and this is where Yogurt+ delivers – is meaningfully support it, especially as regards vitamin D deficiency. It’s a fact that many brands base their immune support claims on vitamins which our bodies aren’t deficient in – that’s why vitamin D is our focus.  Even before Covid-19, people were focusing in on immunity, so this is clearly a trend that’s got huge value and volume growth potential for the category.” 

The January launch will be supported with a variety of marketing initiatives. 

Source: Nomadic Dairy

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