Nomadic Ditches 240 Tonnes Of Plastic

Fast-Growing Yogurt Brand Invests £2.7m In New Packs

One of the fastest growing yogurt brands in the UK, Nomadic Dairy has invested £2.7m in new packaging that removes 240 tonnes of plastic annually from its supply chain.

The new packaging for its best-selling yogurt and oat clusters range (featuring two of the UK’s biggest-selling SKUs in convenience) comes as the brand continues to buck impressively against the market trend. While the UK chilled yogurt desserts category has dropped by 3.8% in the past 52 weeks, Nomadic’s sales are up by an impressive 21%.

The eco-friendly format sees the yogurt and oat cluster pots now clip together, replacing the previous plastic wrap. A cardboard sleeve has been introduced, while the foil tops on the pots have been made completely recyclable by removing a plastic substrate. In addition, a unique new wooden spoon replaces the previous plastic version. Nomadic is first to market with this type of spoon, which is made from renewable FSC-certified pressed birch and is 100% compostable. Unlike the vast majority of wooden spoons on the market, it features an all-natural food-grade lacquer for a smooth and pleasant eating experience. The ingredients themselves remain unchanged. Finally, new shelf-ready packaging made from 100% recycled plastic has been rolled out across the range.

Tom Price, Head of Marketing and Innovation at Nomadic said: “Given that our yogurts are all about balance, we decided to apply the same principles to the business. That’s seen us working out objectively how we can reduce our environmental impact, while maintaining the same high standards of quality.  We’re especially pleased with the spoon – a crucial component of our single-serve, ‘on the go’, yogurts. Most wooden spoons can taint product taste – this one doesn’t and is a major step-up in quality. All this news is just one part of a bigger, ongoing, story about how we improve our environmental footprint.”

Source: Nomadic

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