Nude Brand Creation create branding and packaging for new honey importer Diversity Honeys.

Diversity Honeys, set-up by Dr Martin Kunz and currently importing honeys into Germany, is raising awareness around the increasing number of animal and plant species bound for extinction. Diversity Honeys import and exclusively sell honeys only from Asian honey bees, with branding and packaging developed by Nude Brand Creation.

Industrial agriculture focuses on plants and animals with the highest productivity, and the same trend has come to dominate beekeeping and honey production. Almost all over the globe the ‘European’ honey bee Apis mellifera is used to pollinate crops and produce honey – often to the detriment of native bee species and other pollinators.

The honey from Diversity Honeys comes exclusively from three close relatives of Apis mellifera, which are only to be found in Asia. These bees have evolved within their respective habitats, and they are of great importance for pollinating local flowers, crops, and trees. Unfortunately, these indigenous bees are threatened by the global spread of the ‘European’ honey bee Apis mellifera.

By selling the honey of local Asian species, Diversity Honeys want to raise awareness that the world over every region needs its unique pollinators, by letting everyone have the opportunity to experience their distinctive flavours.

Tony Enoch, Creative Partner at Nude said “this project has meant a huge amount to everyone at Nude. Not only it is a fantastic initiative to support bio-diversity and local habitats, but the project has also taken on another significance. Diversity Honeys owes its name and messaging to our close friend and Semiotician Grant Venner. It was Grant who first introduced us to this important project. Sadly in the late summer of 2020 Grant passed away, which was a huge loss to us all and in tribute we wanted to continue the project with Martin to honour Grant and his environmental work. For us and the team at Diversity Honey, every single jar serves as a reminder to a great friend.”

Amy Dickinson, Design Director at Nude added “the honey is ethically sourced from hard-to-reach comparatively unspoiled regions of the world. We wanted to capture this sense of adventure through the design, with visual references to a journey of discovery and a travel journal. Each jar highlights the species of bees together with their region and environment, plus the tasting notes of each unique honey. A muted colour palette emphasises the importance of each bee’s fragile natural environment, which is sadly under threat.”

Diversity Honeys started importing into Germany in 2022 with ambitions to extend to other markets across the European Union in 2023. Unfortunately, UK regulations do not permit the importation of honeys produced by other honey bee species. 
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Source: Nude Brand Creation

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