Oscar Mayer Unveils Limited Edition Mini Wiener Rovers On Cyber Monday

CUsdTWiUEAEXrCi.jpg_largeOn July 23, Oscar Mayer introduced the newest addition to its iconic Wienermobile fleet with the creation of the Wiener Rover, an all-terrain hot dog on heavy-duty wheels that delivers hot dogs to fans across the US.

Now, just in time for the holidays, the folks at Oscar Mayer unveiled the Mini Wiener Rover – a smaller, remote-controlled Wiener Rover that transports one to two hot dogs and makes a perfect gift for hot dog lovers across the country.

From the kitchen to the backyard barbecue, the Mini Wiener Rover is the perfect vessel to deliver some unexpected food and fun to fans. A unique and exclusive holiday gift, the Mini Wiener Rover will be available starting Monday, November 30 for purchase through Twitter’s recently launched Buy Now button for $25, with free shipping and handling.

A limited quantity will be released each day for one week after the launch, and fans can learn exactly when the next batch is available by following Oscar Mayer on Twitter.

Just like the original Wiener Rover, the Mini Wiener Rover can be driven off-road across a variety of household terrains, including carpet, grass and sidewalks. Riding in at 1:14 the size of the original Wienermobile, the Mini Wiener Rover stands at 11 inches tall and 22.5 inches long (or about 2 hot dogs by 4 hot dogs).

The Mini Wiener Rover is battery operated and driven by remote control, reaching speeds up to 30 miles per hour. Also similar to its original Rover counterpart, the Mini Wiener Rover includes a compartment for the transport of hot dogs, with enough space to fit one to two previously cooked sausages.

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