Pinkberry Offers Free Fresh Greek Yogurt Throughout April

PINKBERRY PINKBERRYGREEKPinkberry now offers its new Pinkberrygreek in all stores nationwide. Unlike many of its category competitors, Pinkberrygreek is fresh, not frozen, all-natural Greek yogurt with no added sugar, thickeners or preservatives and delivers 15g of protein per 5oz serving.

Pinkberry is hosting Snack Hours every Wednesday in April from 11a.m. – 2p.m at all of its stores nationwide and offering free full-size servings of Pinkberrygreek so consumers can get a first taste of this nutritious and delicious snack.

“We believe in our product so much that we want everyone to taste it on us,” said Ron Graves, CEO of Pinkberry. “Our goal is to help consumers discover more ways to bring the goodness of yogurt into their daily routines as a delicious snack.”

With a focus on taste, Pinkberry is committed to the highest quality ingredients and uses a consistent milk supply where each batch of Pinkberrygreek can be traced back to happy and healthy cows that live on a sustainable farm.

Pinkberry has also created signature recipes featuring Pinkberrygreek and fresh, culinary toppings from its bar.

There are five to choose from including sweet pairings like Chocolate Berry, which features fresh raspberries, blueberries, chocolate granola and shaved chocolate, drizzled in cinnamon honey, as well as savory recipes like Cucumber Sunflower that includes chopped Persian cucumber, sunflower seed bites, chili powder and olive oil.

Also available are blended smoothies for on-the-go fuel.

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