PlanetBox Introduces the “Plan-It-Box” Meal Planner

PLANETBOX LUNCH3rd Stone Design, creators of the PlanetBox lunchbox, released Plan-It-Box, a web based app where users can design, create and share PlanetBox lunches.

Plan-It-Box is a great way to help achieve New Year’s resolutions of eating healthier, and it’s a fun new tool to help teach kids how to build a well-balanced meal.

Designing meals begins with “Plan-It”, where users can visualize their lunch and choose from tasty foods for each compartment. Plan the week’s meals and get a personalized grocery list for hassle-free shopping.

“Share-It” is a space where users can share pictures of their own lunch creations, and get inspired by the others’ lunches.

Currently, Plan-It-Box works best on tablets and computers, and will be fully functional on smart phones in the future.  To access to Plan-It-Box, visit

Caroline and Robert Miros, the creators of PlanetBox, originally designed the PlanetBox concept to help eliminate waste and encourage healthy eating at schools throughout the world.

The USDA’s recent release of “MyPlate” helped verify the Miros’ mission of changing the way we plan and create our meals.

“There has been a lot of talk around what type of foods we should eat”, mentions Caroline. “But people need tools to make it easy to create a portable healthy lunch.  The PlanetBox compartments were created with reasonable serving sizes for each food group in mind, so it takes the guess work out of making a healthy lunch.  This is a ‘smart’ lunchbox that does the thinking for you.”

Now that PlanetBox has created this new Meal Planner App, they’ve made packing a healthy lunch for school or work even easier.

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