Plant based kids yogurt branding by Kingdom & Sparrow

Plant based yogurt alternative for kids, Little Bandits, has just launched with branding by UK agency Kingdom & Sparrow. The product has already secured its first major supermarket listing in Asda, with 157 stores nationwide. 

Kingdom & Sparrow were enlisted by founder Jess Harris at the beginning of the product’s journey, and having identified Jess’s inclusive approach, concentrated on not taking an ‘anti-dairy’ stance, but putting positivity at the heart of the brand. 

Kingdom & Sparrow created a bold and playful identity to complement this, stand out amongst free-from competitors and appeal to modern parents (and kids). With a solid basis of creative strategy, including naming, Kingdom & Sparrow developed a series of hand-illustrated, mischievous bandit characters. These are not only highly recognisable brand assets, they also help to create a sense of camaraderie and interactivity that people of all ages can have fun with. The bandit characters also offer a springboard for child-friendly merchandise – at one launch event, product tasting was accompanied by take-home bandit masks, proving a huge hit with children and their parents.

Kingdom & Sparrow paired these hand-illustrated characters with clean design and cheerful messaging. The result is a brand that’s fresh, premium and disrupting the non-dairy category in a positive way. 

“I couldn’t be happier with the brand that Kingdom & Sparrow created. We’ve already had fantastic feedback from parents, kids, retailers and investors – and some great wins that are helping me launch with a bang. I’m so proud to have launched a brand that’s standing out and changing the way people are thinking about allergen-free products. Thank you thank you thank you K&S team!” Jess Harris, Founder of Little Bandits

Source: Kingdom & Sparrow

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