Poliakov Vodka Launches Immersive AR Experience – Ice Breaker Challenge

Poliakov, the Vodka of Extreme, creates buzz with its freezing viral operation, using state-of-the-art augmented reality technology. The brand is proud to present its ephemeral interactive experience: the Ice Breaker Challenge, an intuitive and dynamic game. The Ice Breaker Challenge gives the opportunity for players to be completely immersed into the freezing and futuristic universe of Poliakov Vodka.

In a scenery made of stalactites and ice, players must protect the bottle of Poliakov against threatening ice monsters. The players, whether it’s on their own or by pair, will perform given moves in front of a 9×6 ft giant screen, which by the magic of augmented reality will trigger virtual attacks, eliminating the surrounding ice monsters. Those galactic powers, which will take various forms like frost shock waves or ice lasers, will eventually allow the players to prevail over the ice creatures.

Ice-Breaker-bannerPoliakov Vodka keeps strong relationships with its consumers and boosts its international digital communication with the Ice Breaker Challenge video, published on the Poliakov Vodka Official YouTube Channel.

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