Recetas Nestlé, Publicis Conseil/México and Digitas Mexico launch ‘Recipes vs Arthritis’, to help those suffering from arthritis regain their passion for cooking

Recetas Nestlé, with the help of Publicis Conseil/Mexico and Digitas Mexico, has created a platform to empower people who suffer from arthritis in their daily meal preparations while enhancing their quality of life.

In Mexico, many have a strong passion for cooking; it is seen as an enjoyable experience of personal expression. Yet, arthritis diagnosis is 60% higher in Mexico than in the rest of the world. Due to the pain caused by arthritis in their hands, many people are forced to stop cooking.

As the number one culinary platform in Mexico, Recetas Nestlé wanted to become the ally of Mexican cooks, helping those who felt they could no longer cook, due to this autoimmune disease, realize there was another way to fight it. 

In partnership with a physical therapist, a dietitian, and a chef, Recetas Nestlé, Publicis Conseil and Publicis Mexico created “Recipes vs Arthritis”: a series of arthritis-friendly recipes that combine hand movements and the right ingredients to help people cope with arthritis, so they don’t have to give up on their passion.

These special recipes found on the Recetas Nestlé site provide information about this disease and 20 recipes so far that contain different hand exercises for users to do while cooking. Editorial notes with relevant information about symptoms and exercises for people with arthritis are also incorporated with the recipes.

“Having a big brand like Nestlé giving visibility to a disease that is silently affecting millions of people is invaluable. But taking action by offering them a smart solution to help them have a better quality of life is what really matters. Besides the impact on the patients, making the whole world aware of the difficulties of living with arthritis is also an effective way of bringing a message of inclusion.” says Diego Wallach, Executive Creative Director of Publicis Conseil.

“Recetas Nestlé has been present on a daily basis for the last 9 years in thousands of Mexican kitchens, helping families to learn how to prepare their favourite dishes, encouraging them to enjoy cooking more at home to eat better. With this purpose, we seek to break down all the barriers that cook face every day and we realized that arthritis is a very common disease for the population in Mexico, it is diagnosed 60% higher than the global average. With this effort, we want to make the challenges suffered by this part of the population more visible and empower people with this condition to come back to the kitchen, improving the experience with recommendations that facilitate them to cook and that benefit them in the health level both in the therapeutic  and  nutritional  process.” says Paulina Espinosa, Senior Marketing Manager of Recetas Nestlé Mexico.

The campaign also includes a social media activation to amplify the recipes and the campaign information, as well as an influencer partnership, aiming to raise awareness of the number of people suffering from arthritis in México and drive people to the initiative. 

Source: Publicis Conseil

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