Red Mango Lands at Philadelphia International Airport

Stacked-uniforms_red-brwn Red Mango, one of the fastest-growing yogurt and smoothie chains in America, will open its newest location in the Philadelphia International Airport in late October as part of the Terminal F expansion and renovation project.

“We are very excited to bring Red Mango to passengers at Philadelphia International,” said Andrea Hachem, president and CEO of Midfield Concession Enterprises, Inc. “At Midfield Concession we celebrate great customer service and innovative products. The all-natural ingredients and customizable options from Red Mango provide quick and healthy snacks that are the perfect fit for both our company and our airport guests.”

Midfield Concession Enterprises, Inc. is a premier food and beverage service organization, capable of delivering world-class quality food, management, and customer service. Midfield Concession is a woman-owned and ACDBE certified company, offering a wide range of experience and restaurant options.

Hachem is looking forward to providing busy travelers and airport guest with a great product and great customers service. With the variety of healthy products Red Mango has to offer, Hachem believes the frozen yogurt and smoothie destination will satisfy and delight a large variety of people who travel through the airport every day.

“This is the perfect spot to bring the many great products Red Mango offers, and we look forward to seeing this location thrive once the terminal expansion and renovation project is completed,” said Hachem.

Philadelphia International Airport marks the latest addition to a growing list of U.S. airport destinations for Red Mango. And the Red Mango executive team expects further development to continue.

“Airport travelers and flight crews are demanding higher quality and healthier options in all food categories. Red Mango is excited to be opening in Philadelphia where we are seeking new franchisees to further develop the market,” said Jim Notarnicola, director of franchising for Red Mango. “We’re proud to have strong food operators like Midfield Concession join us in that healthy campaign to meet growing demand.”

Red Mango offers more than 40 flavors of all-natural frozen yogurt, fruit and yogurt parfaits, probiotic iced teas, and more than 20 delicious varieties of smoothies. Customers can garnish their yogurt with healthy, natural toppings including fresh fruit, nuts and granola as well as fun toppings like tasty cheesecake bits and yummy yogurt chips.

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