Reddi-wip’s #ShareTheJoy Campaign Spreads Joy By Sharing Joy

Americans want more joy in their busy, over-scheduled lives – in fact, a recent survey from Reddi-wip shows that 93 percent want to find more ways to experience joy every day and 94 percent agree joy is more intense when shared with others. Despite that yearning, however, people don’t always stop and savor the moment, missing out on feeling – and sharing – the moments of joy they crave.

1d5bac2b-60ec-40d4-830a-35f9e24dcef5.HRSo, starting now, Reddi-wip is on a mission to #ShareTheJoy and help others #ShareTheJoy every day, too. Reddi-wip will encourage people to connect with others, give joy and watch it grow exponentially; to truly live in the moment and experience joy by being present and to awaken and indulge the senses. Reddi-wip will provide inspiration through a new advertising campaign and social content and tips created in partnership with Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, psychology professor at the University of California, and author of The How of Happiness.

“With the delicious taste of real cream, Reddi-wip has always made everyday occasions more joyful,” said Angela Joyner, vice president and general manager of the Refrigerated Foods and Sweet Snacks Portfolio at ConAgra Foods. “Through our #SharetheJoy program, our goal is to spark a joy movement that will have a ripple effect. Our mission is to ultimately make the world a more joyful place.”

Four Simple Tips to Share More Joy

While joy comes in big events and small moments, the Reddi-wip survey shows that most people (83 percent) would rather experience a small amount of joy every day instead of a large amount once in a while. But while the majority (96 percent) know it’s important to celebrate the little things in life, nearly seven out of 10 (67 percent) admit they don’t make enough time to celebrate everyday moments with others. #ShareTheJoy will be there to help them recognize, create, capture and share as many of those moments as possible.

“When we have joy in our lives, we are more connected to others, more creative and physically healthier,” says Dr. Lyubomirsky. “If you make another person feel joyful, you not only feel more joyful yourself, but foster greater connection and generosity in your community.”

8d6aaa3d-303f-454d-9462-80efbc99e0d4.HRAccording to Dr. Lyubomirsky, to begin to share the joy:

  • Relish ordinary experiences. Pick everyday pleasurable experiences and make them last. Give your morning coffee a joyful boost with a whoosh of Reddi-wip and linger and absorb the aroma and taste. Better yet – relish everyday experiences with a friend.
  • Reminisce with family or friends. A friend or family member can bolster the power of “positive reminiscence.” Researchers have found that mutual reminiscence – sharing memories with other people – is accompanied by joy, accomplishment, amusement, contentment and pride.
  • Nurture your relationships. The strongest boost to happiness appears to come from personal relationships. Spending more quality time with the people in your life is a sure-fire way to increase your own and others’ levels of joy. Pick a relationship in need of strengthening and invest time and energy in healing, cultivating, affirming and enjoying it.
  • Celebrate good news. Sharing your successes and accomplishments – no matter the size – with others elevates joy and well-being. So celebrate yours as well as those of people with whom you’re close. Rejoicing in good news leads you to soak up the present moment, as well as to foster connections with others.

New Advertising Campaign

To ensure #ShareTheJoy is shared as widely as possible, Reddi-wip’s first new national TV advertising campaign in three years, created by DDB California, debuted on Sept. 28, 2015. Comprising four TV spots and one long-form video, the #ShareTheJoy ad campaign is a creative and emotional look at the power that sharing joy can bring to our lives – as well as to the lives of those with whom we #ShareTheJoy.

In addition, throughout the coming months, a variety of influential bloggers not only will be sharing their own moments of joy and tips on how people can amplify theirs, but will launch “joy missions” in their communities, inspiring joy and joyful acts in others.

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