Sainsbury’s chooses Biotiful Dairy for cheese Hotspot

Biotiful Dairy, the UK’s #1 Kefir Brand, is delighted to be part of Sainsbury’s new cheese aisle hotspot. From the 29th July the hotspot, along with aisle fins and shelf stripping, will go into 101 top Sainsbury’s stores for 7 weeks.

Biotiful kefir cheese brings something new & exciting to the cheese category which is why we have been chosen to feature.  The first innovation of its kind to launch in the UK in April of this year, the range includes three all-natural savoury flavour favourites;  Original, Herb & Garlic and Red Pepper & Cumin (RRP: £1.50 / 150g).   During the feature there will be promotional activity on RRP.  

Positioned as a healthier and tastier alternative for cottage or cream cheese, Biotiful Kefir Cheese is a cultured soft cheese made with British milk and authentic Kefir cultures which contain billions of gut-friendly bacteria.  The creamy product, which is bursting with flavour, is high in protein and calcium, whilst being low in calories (only 30 calories per serving), and is low fat. 

The product targeting the ‘al desko’ lunchtime occasion when people are often looking for something convenient, healthy and tasty.  The spreadable Kefir Cheese can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to salads and crudites or as a topper for toast, crackers and jacket potatoes. Meaning ‘feel-good’, Kefir is famed for being packed with billions of gut-friendly bacteria. Perfectly balanced and highly nutritious, it’s also a great source of protein, calcium and vitamin B12.

Digestive health is driving dairy growth. It is the number one reason for people seeking out healthier dairy options and Kefir is the main reason for growth in this space: penetration has quadrupled over the last 2 years to 9% and 1 in 5 people are now aware of Kefir, resulting in +25% YOY driving the growth of Active Health +11%*. This shows the desire from shoppers for natural, functional health with great nutritional credentials, which Biotiful kefir cheese delivers.

 There is real value to be had from recruiting Kefir consumers into the cheese category: over half of kefir shoppers buy at least once a week and it drives 51% category incrementality. In addition, Kefir shoppers have 2.4x bigger baskets than non-Kefir shoppers on average. 

Natasha Bowes, Biotiful founder said “We are delighted to be part of this feature, and to work with Sainsbury’s to help recruit more shoppers into the cheese category.  We firmly believe this will capture the attention of a new wave of Kefir shoppers – encouraging them to upgrade their dairy choices to something more natural, healthier and tastier.”

Source: Biotiful

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