Sales Of Coldpress’s New Breed Of Smoothies With ‘Added Benefits’ Soar

Coldpress is enjoying a staggering uplift in their smoothie sales courtesy of new 2020 listings which include Carrefour (France) , El Corte Ingles (Spain) and a leading UK discounter whose customers have all bought into the extensive makeover that Coldpress undertook during the back end of 2019, enhancing  everything from the clarity of its brand messaging and packaging to its recipes and website.

 Most importantly of all Coldpress took a pioneering decision to become the UK’s 1st HPP juice & smoothie portfolio with added vitamins, which tapped into the findings of brand’s extensive 2018/19 review when loyalists expressed an ever greater need for ‘juices and smoothies of tomorrow’ to support their increasingly hectic lifestyles whilst providing tasty, vitamin-rich formats at ‘everyday accessible’ price points.

According to Coldpress, founder Andrew Gibb, ‘smoothies have historically fallen victim to consumers being concerned about the presence of sugar in a category that they have historically perceived to be healthy.  Yes, as far as premium tier smoothies are concerned this sugar is naturally occurring, however whilst sugar in indulgent foods was deemed an ‘acceptable evil’ in health-conscious products it was treated with unfair suspicion.  Thankfully today’s consumers have a much better understanding of acceptable daily intakes (150mls) and by providing smoothies with a  wealth of beneficial extras: the first traditional smoothies with added vitamins, the first of any to include vitamin D, flavour marriages that win blind taste tests of account of being HPP produced, Coldpress smoothies are now at the forefront of the premium smoothies revival.’

In UK the smoothie category enjoying has enjoyed +5% yr-on-yr growth (£98m sub- category).

If consumer responses have been reassuring, retailer reaction has been nothing short of phenomenal with everyone from supermarkets, online and the independent sector recognizing that in addition to Coldpress smoothies offer a clever spin on a tried & tested sector, they also provide superior shelf lives (up to x 3 those offered by traditional pasteurised smoothies)  courtesy of HPP AND upgraded flavour formats  (e.g. Strawberry Banana now has 3 times its original strawberry content).

Andrew concludes by saying, ‘if the premium chilled juice category is to continue its long overdue renaissance it needs a vibrant smoothie category to provide some much needed stardust, by demonstrating how decadent flavour profiles and nutritionally convenient formats aren’t mutually exclusive goals.’

Coldpress’s traditional smoothie portfolio (250ml) includes: A Mango Passion Fruit, A Strawberry Banana and a truly head-turning,  Pineapple, Banana Coconut.

Source: Coldpress

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