Sartori to Release Special Parmesan Cheese for 75th Anniversary

SARTORI CHEESE FAMILY HEIRLOOM 36 MONTH AGED PARMESANIn celebration of Sartori’s 75th Anniversary, the artisan cheese producer is releasing a special Family Heirloom 36 month aged Parmesan.  Debuting at the January Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, this exclusive cheese will be available on a limited basis only in 2014.

To make Sartori’s 75th year of hand-crafted award winning cheese making extra special, the company has released an extraordinary treasure that was previously set aside only for family.

“Our Family Heirloom 36 month aged Parmesan cheese is a treat we’ve been able to pass down through the generations and now we’re happy to be able to share it with others,” stated CEO, Jim Sartori.

Sartori’s Family Heirloom 36month aged Parmesan has a wonderfully fruity, caramelized nutty flavor.

“It’s a little sweet, a little savory, and has been handled with a lot of extra love and care from our team members.  We hope others will experience the joy this cheese brings, just like we have over the years,” stated Jim Sartori.

With limited quantities, this cheese will be available during 2014 at specialty cheese shops throughout the United States until the limited quantities are gone.

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