Seymourpowell expand Distillers’ range with unique Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin

Bold and sophisticated bottle design evokes the gin’s rich citrus notes created from four rare botanicals while retaining the elegance and quality associated with Silent Pool Gin

Strategic design and innovation company Seymourpowell has unveiled its design work for Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin, the latest launch from Silent Pool Distillers. Continuing their long-standing partnership with the leading gin brand, Seymourpowell have created a design that captures the intricate and intriguing essence of the gin’s unique blend of four rare citrus fruits.

Seymourpowell’s design for the Rare Citrus bottle is both instantly recognisable as a Silent Pool Gin but also distinctly different from the iconic, classic teal bottle. Opting for a warm and sophisticated terracotta colourway, the bottle emphasises the rich citrus notes that the four fruits bring to the flavour profile. Accentuating this further, the familiar botanical design has been recrafted to include the visual representations of each fruit and reflect the top, mid and base citrus notes of the recipe. By reimagining the colour palette and illustrations in this way Seymourpowell have created a symbiotic yet distinctive new design approach that continues to make Silent Pool Gin bottles iconic and desirable. Silent Pool is an artisanal distillery with a passion for creativity and excellence. 

Jenny Butler, Senior Client Director at Seymourpowell, commented: “We are very proud of our relationship with Silent Pool Distillers and are delighted to have been able to work with them to bring this exciting new product to life. Our aim was to ensure we brought a bold new identity to Rare Citrus that not only represented its exceptional and sophisticated mix of ingredients, but also retained the elegance and quality associated with a Silent Pool Gin.”

The Rare Citrus Gin uses complex flavours from some of the world’s rarest citrus varieties to create an innovative and alluring gin.The blend itself incorporates four rare citrus fruits, including Buddha’s Hand, adding a bright, sherbet lemon top note; Natsu Dai Dai, providing subtle mandarin and lime mid notes; Green Seville Orange bringing an outstanding orange taste to the drink and finally Hirado Buntan, a variety of Japanese Pomelo, which contributes a subtle but delicious grapefruit base note. The Silent Pool Distillers team discovered these intriguing new flavours in the citrus collection of Ann & Jean Paul Brigand on the stunning Alentejo coast, Portugal.

Ian McCulloch, Silent Pool founder, commented: “In our journey to create a new gin to sit alongside our beloved hero product, we were blown away when we found the truly incredible collection of citrus fruits that Ann and Jean-Paul were willing to share with us. The unique flavours these fruits have brought to our new Gin are exceptional and have been beautifully brought to life in Seymourpowell’s evocative designs. We are extremely excited that we have been able to distill the special qualities of these unknown fruits into a drink that we hope people will love just as much as our other products.”

Source: Seymourpowell

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