Skittles, Degrassi Star & Patriotic Canadians Break World Selfie Record

Brgd39rCYAMtzAbWhat is photogenic, patriotic and celebrity all at once? The obvious answer is 421 Canadians coming together to break the Guiness World Records record for the most Selfies taken in one hour. This Canada Day, with the help of Degrassi star Melinda Shankar, Skittles made it happen – and it was selfie heaven.

On the shores of Lake Ontario, amongst Canada Day celebrations bursting with national pride, Shankar posed for Selfies with fellow Canadians at a rate of five per minute to break the record and make Canadian history.

BrgLUPeCQAALL0B.jpg_large“I am pleased to officially declare that Canadians, with the help of Skittles, have successfully broken this Selfie record,” said Philip Robertson, an adjudicator with Guiness World Records. “On Canada’s birthday, these Canadians gave their country the gift of a world record. That’s a pretty sweet present.”

Canadian Selfie enthusiasts lined up patiently for their chance to be part of the historic record attempt and help break a world record in Canada, on Canada Day. “I love my fans’ passion for a good Selfie,” said Shankar, “and I was so excited to help Skittles capture the Selfie spirit and make Canadian history.”

Canadians who couldn’t be part of the record breaking can still continue to taste the patriotic red and white rainbow by visiting and uploading a Selfie which they can ‘Skittles’ and share on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #SkittlesSelfie.

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