SoBe Invites Fans to Explore New Worlds of Flavor Across the Country

SoBe_Logo_Primary_KSoBe invites fans to explore its latest campaign, “SoBe 3D Worlds of Flavor,” with internationally renowned 3D street artist, Tracy Lee Stum.

The Legends Entertainment District at Chase Field, Stum will create a series of interactive 3D street art installations inspired by the places that SoBe drink ingredients call home.

From the South Pacific to the Mediterranean Sea, the brand’s unique ingredients and flavor combinations like Yumberry Pomegranate, Blood Orange Mango, Strawberry Kiwi and Pacific Coconut invite consumers to embrace their spirit of discovery.

Using various mediums including vinyl, paint, and street chalk, Tracy’s reality-bending, experiential images will transport SoBe fans to remote destinations in the middle of urban jungles where they can step into the picturesque landscape and have their picture snapped in the 3D world.

The adventure doesn’t end there; consumers will be able to upload their photo and share with friends as well as sample bold SoBe flavors on-site.

599724_10151574874681449_1568032753_nAccording to Patty Montagno, Senior Brand Manager, SoBe, partnering with Stum gave the brand the opportunity to take fans on an exciting journey right here at home.

“The 3D experiences bring to life the carefully crafted SoBe flavors in their natural habitat.  SoBe treats every day as a chance to discover something new and live in the moment. With a blend of unique ingredients like cava cava and dandelion root, and with bold flavors like acai and cherimoya, SoBe is always committed to bringing a taste of the exotic.”

The “SoBe 3D Worlds of Flavor” tour will remain in Phoenix through April 30, and will continue in various cities throughout the summer. Making stops in Denver, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston, the “SoBe 3D Worlds of Flavor” tour will include on-site sampling, offering fans a chance to enjoy a variety of bold and unique SoBe products.

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