Study reveals most engaging UK online grocery apps/website

With the days of heading to the supermarket almost over for most Brits as they trade trolleys for home delivery, mobile data platform Ogury is today announcing its new study which analyses over 32,000 mobile devices for mobile web usage and over 1.4 million app owners in the UK.

Both apps and online websites have become valuable tools for grocery shoppers, but there’s a significant difference between the most engaging apps and websites. M&S on the one hand, is the most engaging app, it actively engages 56% of its users. Aldi comes close second with 55% of user engagement.
On the other hand, Tesco is the most engaging website. It engages 71% of UK online grocery shoppers – significantly higher than any of the other top UK supermarket websites. However, the Tesco app only engages 36% of its app owners, much less than most popular supermarket apps – M&S and Aldi.

It’s clear that both low and high priced sellers are getting good traction online – on apps and on websites. M&S comes second after Tesco for website shopping, with 26% of online shoppers visiting M&S’s website for groceries, whilst, as mentioned above, M&S and Aldi – the two most used shopping apps – clearly represent the two ends of the spectrum (low and high priced goods).

Source: Ogury

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