Sweet & Delicious Churro Ice-Cream Sandwiches May Be The Next Food Trend

churro-borough-620When Sylvia Yoo moved back to Los Angeles from New York, she realized that there was an ice-cream boom in the state. As she had dreams of coming up with her own ice-cream business, she knew that she had to make her product stand out.

Drawing inspiration from the shops Churros Calientes in Los Angeles and La Churreria in New York City, she made disc-shaped churros, and put a scoop of ice-cream between two of these to create a churro ice-cream sandwich.

churro-spirals-620This sugary hybrid creation comes in four flavors, including horchata with a homemade rice-and-almond-milk ice cream, and Mexican hot chocolate. The other two flavors are seasonal.

There are also ice-cream shakes that are paired together with churro fries, and she plans to make some churro-flavored macarons as well.


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