Taxi Studio collaborates with Counterpoise Wellness in pro-bono rebrand to bring accessibility and life to the brand

Brand design agency, Taxi Studio, unveils a refreshed brand identity for Counterpoise, the one-stop hub for mental and physical wellness. The project marks the beginning of a relationship between Taxi Studio and Counterpoise which places wellbeing at the heart of their endeavours.

Counterpoise, formerly known as CPW (Counterpoise Wellness) – offers personalised mental health support, at a time when this has never been more important. The simplified name, ‘Counterpoise’ was proposed by Taxi Studio to project their purpose more succinctly, and with empathy – the key attribute that underpins the brand’s reason for being, shifting its essence from clinical to approachable. Counterpoise practitioners are real people who understand the complexity of the mind, and the human condition – Taxi’s reappraised identity system brings a sense of humility to their look and feel, highlighting its human-focussed, accessible offering.

Taxi Studio’s solution features a bold-yet-playful identity that splits the brand name into its syllables, highlighting the ‘read’ of the word, while challenging the mind simultaneously.

Selecting a more single-minded name affords the brand a level of humility that is more inviting to those who are seeking help with their mental health. Balancing each syllable on top of each other represents the ‘load’ that we all face in life.

The flexible identity system arms the brand with a suite of ‘positive reinforcement’ assets – one in which the medium becomes the message, entrenching the brand in people’s everyday lives. These items include branded water bottles, exercise mats, note-pads, and other accoutrements. Each promotional item is carefully considered to reinforce the things people can do to support their mental health in simple ways. The Counterpoise-branded water bottle, for instance, draws upon the scientifically proven fact that a hydrated mind is a healthier mind.

The Taxi Studio pro-bono project is part of their growing portfolio of ‘Taxi C&B’ projects (Creativity & Benevolence) alongside their work for Maiden Factor, Never too Young, Ban Trophy Hunting, and more, which is a key initiative for the business on (and beyond) their journey towards B-corp certification. The agency is committed to a triple bottom line: People, Profit, & Planet. In partnering with Counterpoise, Taxi Studio expressively aims to assist people on their journey towards more balanced, healthier minds.

Spencer Buck, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Taxi Studio, comments: “It was right for a brand like Counterpoise to have a more personable identity, offering a sense of humility that the previous name and identity didn’t lend itself to. When you are struggling, you need to be met with openness and affability – Counterpoise offers this as a team and a service, and now their branding represents that, too.”

Kitty Alice, Counterpoise practitioner, says: “The new identity brings warmth to our brand, reminding those who need it that we are here to help them, and it doesn’t have to be a daunting battle with unsympathetic gatekeeping. We are so pleased to have a new look and suite of playful assets that suits our mentality of inviting those who need it to seek help, regardless of their background and experiences.”

Source: Taxi Studio

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